Monday, December 29, 2008


just came back from this holiday, we went to Andrew's friend's house in janda baik bukit tinggi. Its a very nice place to stay, nice fresh cooling air and weather. We had black sauce pork, curry chicken to go with white fragrant rice and bread. Dinner we had BBQ of chicken, sausage, vegetable, potatoes and charcoal toasted bread. Our main BBQ chef is Alex and helper is Seng Fook. Vegetable was cooked by Shireen. The BBQ fire was set by Andrew. 2nd day we had 'kon lou wan tarn mee', lunch we had 'mee shua' and dinner we had mixed rice and 2nd sound of BBQ. Later we had some liquor and chit-chat until midnight. Today our breakfast we had 'ba kua' chicken floss with bread. Late lunch at Restaurant 126. After lunch we went straight home and reach home about 5.30 pm. Photo here

Friday, December 26, 2008

Visit to Mid Valley (20th Dec 2008)

Last Saturday, me and family (husband side) went to Mid Valley and have dinner in Restaurant Kenny Roger. The Christmas decoration was very nice. Took some photos too.
There are also some clawn stage show and can be seen here.

OverSize Cargo seen on Xmas Eve

Im on my way back from Tesco (buying Xin Hong & Ee Sern's Xmas present). We were blocked (road blocked by 2 traffic police motorbike) at the traffic light junction in front of my house. I thought something happened! Then we waited and realized that the road block because there was an oversize cargo need cross and it was escot by the traffic police.
Has took video, have a look :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Woow .. today is the 2nd day of December.. Times fly so fast, think back.. like i haven't done anything yet!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cuba hantar dalam bahasa malaysia?

Ini lah kali pertama saya lakar blog dalam bahasa malaysia, kekok pula rasanya. Apa yang harus saya tulis ya? Apa kata saya tulis apa yang telah saya buat hari ini? Bosan ke?! Takpe lah, sikit jer..
Sehari suntuk saya ada kat rumah, gayut aja depan laptop tak habis-habis sampai sakit tengkok.. hah padan muka saya!! kah kah kah ... tapi bengang jugak lah, sebab connection tak bagus, asyik terganggu and putus!!

Ada tak sesiapa yang dah ada WiMax? Ingin sangat nak tau bagus tak servis dia. Hari tu abang saya ada telepon tanya, bayarannya kalau tak salah RM99.00 sebulan.

Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out

Me and Ee Sern went to Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out with my bro at Kiz Sports & Gym, One Utama Shopping Centre (old wing)yesterday 29 November 2008. We are invited by my bro coz he is allow to bring one family as his guess to attend this event.

It's a good programme and the activity was well organized. Here's the Agenda
Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out Agenda
10.00 - 10.30 am Registration / Guessing Game
10.30 - 10.50 am Press Conference for Media / Playtime for Parents and Kids
11.15 - 12.00 pm Talks by Nutritionist & Blogger / Coloring Contest for Kids
12.00 - 1.00 pm Lunch
1.00 - 1.30 pm Magic Show
1.30 - 1.45 pm Family Talent Time
1.45 - 2.00pm Prize Giving Ceremony
2.00 pm Good Bye

All kids a given a very nice T-Shirt and and sticker and they are to be worn in throughout the event.

This is the kid's room for the lunch, very nice room right? Nice invironment.

The organising member were to make sure all the kids are to be sitted and have their meal.

Take look of kid's meal, yummy ehhh..

They have a drummet, a pie, a sausage bun, 2 small pieces of cheese sandwich and 2 pieces of fruits and a cup of orange cordial drinks.

Lunch were also provided to parents, and was as good also .. We have fried bee hun, fried noddle (mee), nasi lemak, curry chicken, mixed vagetables, curry puffs, spring rolls, kuih fruits and drinks.. woow

Friday, November 28, 2008

27 November 2008 twilight night

My bro called me that day to invite me on the twilight movie preview that he won. At first, I thought this is some kind of scary movie and tell him I dont want to go lah.. but my bro said it is action movie nothing to be scare about! Since he had said so, I accept his invitation lah.

At the cinema, I saw Miu (as usual busy distributing ticket to the lucky person) & boy boy, Hurley & Ewin, good to see them again.

twilight is a very nice movie, its about how a young couple met each other and fall in love, protect over his beloved one and sacrifition.

I like it very much. Let see the Twilight Official Trailer again ....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Baking Cake

After tested for so many days to bake a cup cake, I finally got it right! Maybe other people can but for me, I just can't anyhow bake a cake without knowing the recipe or ingredient.
After get the recipe from a magazine, I follow exactly so .. walla it turn out very nice. Yummm..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Must Keep Up again

Has stop posting after Tuesday, want to know why? Coz my stupid connection always cannot find the connection although it was connected.. Get fed up so just leave for days.
Must be wondering why not posting from office right? hmmm... the reason is I have not go to office very often now, even if I go also, most 3 - 4 hours then I will go home. Syiok right?
Syiok your head!! I must do housework leh .. Wake up in the morning must sweep and mop the floor, then laundry thingy leh.. by the time i finish it is about 9:00am liao.. makan breakfast then must get ready for Ee Sern liao...
Time passes very fast. Never realised I have become maid for 3 weeks liao.. but ok lah, now can get used to it already. Still got time to bake Roti lehh.. hehe.
First time baked, jadi a little bit, second time baked, jadi liao (coz follow exactly from the recipe).
Today baked again and.. walla.. look very nice. Should take photo tomorrow :)
Ok lah.. need to go to bed liao .. good night.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 oct 2008

now this blog has become my diary :)
Today I curi tulang didnt go to work. MIL sakit mah..
Stay home only lor doing housework.. sianz

6 oct 2008

Just another manic Monday and it working day. As usual, after doing housework and have my breakfast I go to work and back at 2:30 pm coz MIL neck and back is pain.

Oh ya, we found our truck already somewhere in Meru, luckily not much damage only some parts are missing.

Hubby brought back Money Not Enough 2, but have not watch yet. Maybe tomorrow. It seems like TIME not enough for me now days. hmmm....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday 5 oct 2008

I supposed to go to bro Thomas house for praying but I was late and they have finish praying by the time i reached their house.
My sis in law has cook a lot of thing for the praying. There were vegetarian Bak Kut Teh and asparagus, vegetarian fish i think made from yam, all were so yummy.
Then we stayed and watch Britain got Talent until about 2:00 pm and hubby said want to go home liao coz Ee Sern (my son) want to sleep liao. So, off we go.

Home : need to clean the house as no maid at the moment. Do until about 4pm and MIL told me that today they (MIL & FIL) have dinner so she didnt cook. Now I need to think what to cook for dinner. So I opened up the fridge and there were spinach, vegeball, choy sam, taufu, chicken drumstick. Quite a lot things, so I decided to cook Mee Hun Kuey only lah.


donno why my post options's date and time always at 6/29/08 @ 6.15am. i thought it should be auto?! i have also check my computer time, thought it twas my computer time different but it was not. weird right?
so each time i need to change the date and time to save or to post.. sianz

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday 4 oct 2008

also another working day..
today went in office a bit late coz i need to fetch my FIL to the massage centre.
I got back home about 4.30 pm, donno what am i doing in the office so long??!!??

Friday 3 oct 2008

today is worrking day after 2 days off for raya holidays. feel so lazy but what to do, my malay colleague still on leave.
my container also cannot move because all the driver are still on leave too.

today i got a bad news from my driver, he inform that our truck has been stolen.. :( if anyone see my truck reg no BDK 934 (10 tonnes truck) please inform me at 31688234.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fook's Chinese Birthday

Yesterday was 2nd day of raya and also is Seng Fook's Lunar Birthday. I didnt know until my MIL say so. Fook also dont know ..
We had 'dim sum' in the morning at Damasara near Atria and go to shopping at Atria after 'dim sum'. Nothing much to shop, Annie get her pasta recipe book at RM2.00 and bought toy for Ee Sern and Cheryl.
Home; we were instruct to cook for dinner (die.. i have not cook for soooo long). My MIL said she has chicken and tuna fish and had bring down to defrost.
I cant think of what I want to cook so I decided to just marinate and fry the chicken. I also made some salad and fries. Tuna; Annie will cook for pasta follow the recipe from the new book she bought in the afternoon.
So this is our dinner lor.. oh yeah.. there were also 'ang kuei nui' (red coloured eggs) only no 'mee tua' .. ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding Dinner at Centro

Today is Raya first day. Not doing anything but house work.

Went to a wedding dinner. Groom is Sally's brother (Joanne's friend brother, the one we went for Durian Trip). Initially I dont want to go because I dont know them well, but since my sis-in-law Joanne is away and my parent insist that we must go coz they have reserved 6 seats for us.
The dinner was held in Centro Grand Ballroom and was decorated nicely and beautiful by the groom's sister-Sally. It's cozy and very different and you dont feel you are actually sitting in a ballroom with this deco. Impressive!
The food are also different and very nice. Looks very clean with the cover on top of each dish came out.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

House Work are tiring

My house maid contract has end and she return to Jakarta. Since then I have to take over her job. I have been enjoying life all these while and live a comfortable life without worrying my housework e.g cleaning, laundry cooking and many more! Since my house maid contact end and return to Indonesia, I have to take over the job. At the first day, it was kind of lazy to woke up at 6.30am and to the sweeping and moping, then laundry, cloth ironing and more. Luckily I dont ahve to do the cooking, my mother-in-law will do it ;) Routin continue and its more than a week already I slowly tune in. This will continue until my new maid arrive and it will be one month from now!

Do Not Skip!!

I have notice that for myself, I cannot skip doing thing. For example posting my own blog!
If I start skip for a day, I will skip the second day and I keep skip. I like giving myself reason "BUSY" but actualy is not, just LAZY.

Always remember to finish thing on the same day and do not think there is always tomorrow! Unless you really can do it the next day ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Briefing (NPC-Celcom Treasure Hunt)

Have contacted bro to confirm who is going for the briefing. Initially he is not free and its fine for me coz I'll be in KL. Things changes without any warning when he received call from Tammy (or is it not call, me not sure) that there are free tix for DREAMZ to be won and collect at The Star, so he called up Micheal and gets 4 tickets. He also inform me to call the same person, and .. walla.. I am also entitle for 4 tickets. Thanks to Thomas and Tammy. So what happened then? Because we need to collect tickets on that day so Thomas decided to go with me in one car and after collection, me just drop him in any KTM. It was rainy day that day, so his initial plan changed again! I suppose to drop him in KTM but we ended up makan at Subway in Mont Kiara. Makan punya makan, time's flew. So tak jadi baliklah my bro .. haha. He has to company me to my customer place and then go for briefing at Menara Celcom.

I think this is the first briefing ever that we be there the earliest. We reach Menara Celcom at about 4:50pm. The briefing time is 6:00pm. They haven't even set-up their goodies bags! This is my initial plan, (when Thomas said he will not join me in the briefing) if I reach Menara Celcom too early, I will be going to the National Libery to pass time. That is what we did on that day. I park my car at Menara Celcom and walk maybe about 200m to National Libery. National Libery open until 7:00pm every day except Sunday.

It's kind of quiet (I mean it should be that way lah) not refering to any noice, but refer to the public user. There were hardly 30 users in total! Mostly Malay student. I took one book malay story book but its like cannot digest the content!! We spent time in the library until time to go back to the briefing. Then we walk back lor.

Monday, August 25, 2008

OMG! No New Post since 20 Aug 08

Now only I realize I have not update my blog for nearly a week! Am not very busy but why no update leh.. hmm
I should have a lot things to post. Let see if I can post it tonight.
My outstanding :
NPC-CELCOM Treasure Hunt Briefing
NPC-Celcom Treasure Hunt Day

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Re-fill carbon for photostate machine

Our office's photocopier has run out of carbon and no one want to refill it. Hmm..
So happen our manager Ms Joanne came out and instructed Mr Small Lim to re-fill it and claim that this should be guy's job. Small Lim gives thousand and one excuse to refuse her.
What my manager did is; ask him to come here and she will get someone who know to teach him.
Small Lim has no choice so he obey. After her successfully done it, we all give him a big round applause.. well done Small Lim

Tagged - despite warning against it!

Got tagged by Bro Thomas, wasn't really like to answer these questions, but what the heck, no harm actually right .. let's see...
1.what is your fav chocolate?
Old Jamaica
2.what is your 3 fav colour?
red, green, blue
3.who is the last person u talked to?
Seng Fook
4.who is the last person u msged?
can remember, need to check my handphone. Oh! I msged my sis in law on 13:00:03 19-AUG-2008
5.who was the first person u talked to when u woke up today?
I actually talk to my maid !! (my family all gone to Genting liao)
6.who is the first person u msged when u woke up today?
Hadn't send any sms yet.. many msges u recieved when u woke up today?
None, that is normal lah
8.who msged you when u woke up today?
No one
9.who do u wanna talk to now?
10.who do u wanna see right now?
My kids (as they also went to Genting with grandparents)
11.why do u wanna see that person now?
coz i haven't seen them since yesterday after breakfast!
12.what relationship are u with that person u wanna see now?
mom and her beloved kids lor
13.if u could hug someone now. who will it be?
my kids also lah
14.what are u doing now?
answering these questions
15.what colour shirt are u wearing now?
red purple
16.are u attached?
17.anyone u like?
many that i like
18.who do u like?
those i dont hate
19.what phone are u using?
nokia 6250 much money do u have in ur wallet now?
Usually i dont carry cash, i buy things with credit card and grocery with cheques
21.what do u love looking at?
lenglui & lengchai
22.who is the last guy u hugged?
my loukong i think
23.if u can choose to do something now. what would u do?
sleep are u feeling now?
very lazy
25.if u can turn back time 3 times. where will it be?
Back to Melaka with mom, dad and all, back to school, back to Australia on winter
26.who are u thinking of?
no one
27.what is the 3 things u want to forget?
I dont want to forget everything if i can
28.who makes u happy?
my kids
29.what is next to you?
my phone and dictionary
30.last show u watched?
no any show, just watch olympic yesterday many people are u talking to now?
None, trying to finish this asap
32.if u can change something in ur life.. what will it be?
I want to be a millionaire u have pets?
34.what do u feel like eating now?
Starfruits and watermelon
35.who are the 7 people u tag?
dont want to tag anyone lah .. let them rest

Monday, August 18, 2008

I saw a dog chasing a man on bicycle

Today I saw a street dog barking and run chasing a foreign worker (not sure is Bangladesh or vietnamese) who in riding a bicycle. The poor guy must be very scared and speed up paddle his bike. I think the dog chase him about 100 meter and give up after the guy cross a traffic light.
By seeing this, suddenly a question cross my mind, why this dog want to chase him? I heard this before, if a person eat a dog meat before they will be chase by dog. I'm not sure is it true?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The BEST Persons in the World - OUR PARENTS

Read story of mom from bro's blog. Very touching. Before my memories fade away, I also want to share mine.
Bro mentioned mom love us all and i agreed more than 100%. I still remembered when bro and mom was all wet when they're home. Then only i realise that they have fell off from the motorbike somewhere at Sungai Petai at a very sharp cornering. And thank god they dont have serious injuries.
I remember mom and told me about how i have survive from a very critical sickness. You will not believe it. Well when god want you to survive you could but first of all i must thank my mom and dad for not giving up.
Here is the story: When I was very young, probably about one year old plus, i was attack by some kind of disease call 'Measles'. My neighbour "we call her Lim cim" told my parent that i am too heaty inside and suggest them to feed me 珍珠粉 pearl power mixed with warm water. So my dad quickly go and get from chinese herbs shop and bring back home for me without any delay. After intake this pearl water, I have stop crying, this is not a good sign! My lips turning purple and i become stiff and cold. My sickness become very serius and has frighten my parents to death. My parents getting nervous and stunt! They hold me very tight, rubbed and hugged me on crying/tears day and night. Desperately on the next day, dad has went to a temple praying for "Kwan Yin Pu Sha" to rescue me and "Pu Sha" really hear him and has sent him a "Sien Se" (chinese doctor -my first 'kui ren') which was there to pray and he has overhead dad's prayers. He aproached dad and ask what happened, after know who he was, dad told him the whole story of me and how i become stiffs.
The "Sien Se" said they had put me in danger. No doubt i am very heaty but to intake pearl was a big mistake. Pearl 'chiong' and make everything reverse. He quickly write a medicine recipe and tell my dad to give me immediate. Sien Se also said, boil a pot of barley, leave to cool and standby. If she cry after taking my medicine, mean she will survive and will ask for water. Give her the barley drinks instead. If she doesn't re-act, please get yourself prepare and the sien se left.
Another problem arise! :( We are poor and has no money to buy the herbs as earlier dad has record once owe. Maybe I am also faith to survive, my 2nd "kui ren" - "ta ma" happened to pass by and saw my dad and ask him why he look so sorrow. Dad said : "Bok Shiew oh nai jin kau lang liao, wua u yuk lua na ti bo chee kiok yuk!" it mean Bok Shiew, that's me, is in criticle sickness, i have herbs medicine recipe but no money to buy. Being very generous, my 'Ta Ma' have gave my dad 10 bucks to buy the medicine and off she go.
Words that the Sien Se said to my dad was happened to me! I can and begin to cry!! And has ask for 'kut kut'- water! It's just like miricle! I've got hope!!!!
After that incident, my parent always remind me, do not take any Pearl no matter how good the Pearld is when people tell you. And it is a prohibition for me to eat Pearl!
I must thank my mom and dad for not giving up me, many thanks to Kwan Yin Pu Sa and my two Kui Rens.
Dont know whether is the side effect, after many many years intake the medicine, my body expending! haha....
I know I cannot eat Pearl but I still buy it. Want to know why? Hmmmm... It's because I want to revenge and to punish those Pearls to become my slave of jewelleries .. muhaha

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grace birthday 12 Aug 2008

My junior colleague Grace's birthday. She is now 20 years old.. (omg only 20!!)

Seeing she is still new in our company, we didn't 'wat' her to belanja us. We had a simple celebration for her, going next door The Master Bread to buy a cake for her and sing her birthday song.

Small Lim keep trying to 'wat' her for makan, he is always like that one so we ignore him..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LexisNexis Motoring Hunt cum Durian Trip 9 Aug 2008

Last Saturday is another hunt. This is day hunt. Starting from Taman Regalia Subang Mewah and end up in Awana Genting.
Me and hubby suppose to fetch Thomas and Hurley (oh ya.. Hurley is our new member) but then because of we overslept so Thomas has to drive up all the way to fetch Hurley and meet up in Subang.
I was in the rush that Saturday morning (padan muka lah, siapa suruh bangun lewat!) until I didnt realise that I have left my back pack at home. geeeshhhh...
The hunt question wasn't as hard but somehow we are very careless. Lucky enough we had Hurley that have been paying 100% attention and had contribute a lot in the game. Hope he did enjoyed the game.
Although we are not at the top ranking but at least we won something in return :0)
After the prize presentation, we are hunting for durian. Firstly we head to Batang Kali, unfortunately it has come to the end of season. So we make a U-turn to Bentong for durian. I was like dont find durian cannot go home...!! I think Hurley must be cursing inside (you know lah, he has been struggling since morning.. keke)
Finally we found a stall and stop to ask the price and then makan there. We make a phone call to our friend stay in Raub with the intension if they have durian, we will go there to 'Sapu' durian. Thomas and Hurley didn't know about it. It's lucky for them lah, our friend's durian all sold out liao..
We even decided to overnight at Raub just because we want to be the early bird for the durian the next day... We must have been frighten Hurley... muhaha
After makan durian and 'tapau' some, we head back home ;-)

Ee Sern got passport today

Yesterday evening we took Ee Sern to snap instant photo for passport.
These are the photos taken, one look so 'blur-blur' another one look so naughty/chichky!
This morning we woke him up at 7:00 am. After fetching Xin Hong to school, I drive to the Imegration Office in Port Klang. Later hubby come hubby and Ee Sern in another car. The reason why we go in 2 cars is 1. I have to fetch Xin Hong to school before 7:30 am, 2. Because hubby must fetch Annie (my sis-in-law) to the train station at 7.45 am. But we both arrive Imegration about same time.

The good thing to go there early is there will be less people queueing. After fill-in the form and hand over to the officer, we are given the number and we are no.3 and no.4. The whole process is very fast, it takes just about 30 mins to settle and after payment was made, we were advised to come back 2 hours later to collect the passport book.

Kids passport is RM150 for 32 pages. As my brother said, once his friend told him, its better to get our passport ready just in case we need to use out of sudden.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Durian Cheese Cake from The Penny's House

This is a slice of Durian Cheese Cake from The Penny's House.
Tempting right... you haven't taste it. It is soooo veryyyy the yummyyyy. Once you taste it you will 'Ask for more' To know whether I am telling the truth, first you must pay me 18 buck for this piece of cake. But must tell you first. They don't simple take order wan lor if don't have good durian they don't baked. Dare to take the challenge?Not every one get to order you know.. must get permission and make appointment one you know!! But I am lucky enough, I got examption to do so.. Right or not Thomas?
You must be wondering where is The Penny's House right? Hah.. To know you must ask Mr Thomas, the order must be place with me and I will hand it over to Thomas..

To know lagi further.. just ask Thomas lah....

Briefing for the Lexis Nexis KL Bar Treasure Hunt

Its a rainy day. Reminder from my handphone - Lexis Nexis Briefing @ 6.00pm. So I called Bro Thomas to remind him too. Yup, he remember so Bro Thomas fetched me at about 5.30pm and head toward KL for briefing. Our initial planned is to fetch Hurley go together in one but forecasting that it might be jam so Thomas change planned to go there by taking LRT instead.

This is the first time I took LRT from Kelana Station. Get very excited (just like small kids get to ride LRT ..hehe)

Look at Hurley, he is paying a 100% attention!

By the time we reached Masjid Jamek, it about 6:55pm. We walk up and down searching for Wisma Kraftangan (where the briefing held). Sekali it is just around the corner down the road only. Haven't start hunting sudah sesat! Apa ni? We quickly rush in.. by the time we there, the briefing just over. Alamak!! But luckily, the COC is still there. Dont know how and what Bro Thomas told Mr Dominic (maybe he told him we have a firstimer and need his explanation), so he has gave Hurley a quick briefing on how the answer the treasure hunt question.
After the briefing, we go Burget King for dinner lah.. and continued Bro Thomas try to explain how it work with his own sample question and explanation. Bravo.. Hope Hurley understand.
We left BK and back to Masjid Jamek station heading back. In the LRT, duhh... y head spinning coz got a group of Indian guy keep talking from they entered until they go out. Goshh.. thank god takda terbau bau ketiak (lucky me got some blocked nose) . Send Hurley home...
All the best and good luck on the Hunting day 9 August 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

MOCHA - Shaolin Girl

Review time. As usual lah, I think Tiffany will be the last person to post her review.. hehe
Again must thank the organizer +sizemiaomiao for the invitation for both me and hubby. Thank bro Thomas and sis in-law for the ride to TGV 1 Utama. Glad to see Hurley again and hi to Tammy's boy-boy.
We were a bit late to enter the hall coz we were chatting in front of the cinema and suddenly realize that it is time to go in. Guess what?! When we go in, our seats were taken by a group of young chicks. At first i thought maybe i was in the wrong row but when i check again my ticket i am pretty sure that our seat was taken! i am cursing inside "kanasai" how can they anyhow sit! I told hubby they took our sit in cantonese. Then I heard them said, its free sitting. Hurley was saying what the hack is the number sitting for if it is free sitting?!! Hubby still sit at that row (there is one space left just right in the middle, good spot though) So, me and Hurley have no choice lor, mah go to the front sitting mendongakkan kepala and watch the movie lah.
Syiok-syiok watching the show halfway, suddenly came Hurley sitting beside me and said "I received sms, we are in the wrong hall, i am leaving now to that hall," and shhhoooopppp there he's gone!
First thing cross my mind was alamak, malunya, luckily didnt argue and insist to get the seat with those chicks!! So, I quickly sms to hubby and bro that we are at the wrong hall! Why these people didnt see my sms or what!? How come never get up one?? So, I went out to wait for them lah.. came bro and sis-in-law and they proceed to the next hall with a meaningful smile .. i am still waiting for hubby out there but he didnt come out. So I mah call him lah, he said nevermind lah, he stay in there continue, hmmm... maklumlah, he has got the nice view and was surrounded by those young chicks mah.. so i mah go to the next hall lor.. aikkk.. so much different wohh.. so little people onne...
To the movie.. Hmmm.. speak different Mandarin accent. Then speak Japanese.. oh no, its Japanese movie! so have to read the subtitle to understand what they were talking. Being very greedy, I read all three languages subtitle (trying to value which one translate better) padan muka lah, tak sempat see the acting. After that I dont want to read liao lah.. just see acting only. The Japanese dolls are pretty. Somehow, i got the feeling the producer seems like copying a bit of Jacky chan's way (one man show) and matrix (when suddenly Rin Sakura can zuuup up missing in the air and came back upside down holding her opponent head) Can lah, although I dont like the ending when they were fighting to death, splash out to sky gathering maximum inner power and attack!! Suddenly Rin Sakura hugged him and with mother's love to fight the Dark power. huh... apa ini? Okay lah, at least some part of it made you smile or even chuckle.
"mou lei tau" movie is like that one lah..
I got out from the hall without waiting for the song to finish. Thought there will be yumcha session after the movice. Hurley came out and tell me to inform bro and the rest that he is in the hurry to meet his friend and shhhooooppp there he go again. While waiting for hubby from the previous hall came bro said Tammy and boy-boy leave first, coz her boy-boy is in the rush coz not used to public ones.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trip to Raub, Pahang

Today is the trip to Raub. We went in 2 cars. First car left in the morning. I am in the second car in the evening after attending Micheal's new office open house.

We reach Raub at 7:30pm and check in RestHouse in Raub town area.

Trying to take the RestHouse photo, but it turned out with the feeling like haunted house...ewwww

but don't worry, its not. Indeed its a very nice place to stay.

After checked in, we head toward to Joanne's friend house for BBQ dinner.

Her friend's house is very nice and the area is very peaceful. It was already full with durian!

We were furnished with freshly plucked rambutan and mangostine. We also plucked their rambutan.. hehe

We had chicken wings, fresh water fish, fresh prawns, sweet potatoes, fresh mushroom and also 'otak-otak'. BBQ dinner was very yummy and fun.

The next morning, we had light breakfast at a 'kopitiam' in the town area nearby the RestHouse.

After breakfast; we head to the durian orchard. The journey was okay, no narrow way indeed. We reach the orchard about 10:30am and the farmer told us all the durian trees are durian kampung trees and were above 40 years old. They also mentioned that the best durian is from the trees that has grown for more than 100 years. Imagine that !!

We also took home the durian. After thanked the host, we drive back home.

We stop half way at Kampung Bukit Tinggi to makan. As usual, we will stop at 126 Restaurant. Food there was nice and reasonable. Took a picture of 'No Torn' durian.. (only realise when my daughter mentioned it)

These photos are taken in 126 Restaurant too. Have a look!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

VBCM Treasure Hunt 26-27 July 2008

This is another hunt that we do not go for breafing (maybe we are trying to be hero.. hehe)

We supposed to hunt in 4 people in a car but my sis in law cannot make it coz tak cukup annual leave liao..

Don't know why, now days we cannot click to the question to get those answer. When we can't get the answer, semangat berkobar-kobar hilang ... and so we try whatever we can lah..

The hunt is from KL (starting point from Wisma MCA) and end up in Ipoh. The route was passing by the kampung area and a long the way, we saw a lot stalls selling durian, rambutan and mangostine. My hubby wanted to stop and buy rambutan gading but was disagreed by my bro because we are running out of time.. well, Seng Fook stopped at one old aunty stall to buy rambutan (because we thought that would be the last stall) and get the last bunch. The old aunty tell him this is not from her trees, people tumpang her place to sell. She said her rambutan will be nicer. She keep asking us to buy her durian and said she sell very cheap. We memang wanted to buy but really running out of time liao, so I said we will be back tomorrow.

Then we continue our treasure hunting until Ipoh lah.. submitted the answer sheet and check in to hotel. Answer is given during dinner. Knowing that we will not win so we don't pay attention when announce the winner. Suddenly our team name was call!! HUH .. we still can get no 14 and won 2 sleeping bag and 50 Jusco voucher.. haha

Seng Fook was not around and he don't know we won something. When he get back, the 2 sleeping bags was on his seat, so he asked "whose one?" I pretend and point to opposite people. So he move the bags to another seat. The dinner end at about 10:30 pm and we all leave the ballroom. Suddenly Seng Fook gone missing and come back with a guy (whom was sitting on the same table with us) and tell him he forgot to take their prize. Then I said this is ours lah.. and appologize to the guys. Me and my bro Thomas burse out laughing when Seng Fook said the Indian must be cursing him for like trying to fool him ...

The next day, after breakfast we check out and heading home. We got back to the old aunty's stall and buy durian. Seeing there are not much durian left, so we tell aunty we take all lah (seeing she is so old liao still sitting there selling durian). We ask if we can eat there? She said ok and so happen that her husband came to send her lunch and he open the durian for us. Unfortunately, open 3 durian, 3 also busuk this because no pesticide on the durian. So she said she replace us with some mangoestine. So I said ok lah .. but then later she ask her husband to go in the orchard and replace 3 durians. I quickly ask Seng Fook to follow the uncle and he did.

While waiting for them to come back, we had some chatting with aunty. We get to know she have 7 children and all are very capable, 2 are doctor, 1 engineer and 1 architech.

Nice rambutan right. I curi my bro's photo.. hehe

Thomas ask the aunty if he can pluck some of the rambutan that has ripe on the trees, she has been very generous and said ok, go ahead. So there Thomas plucked some and come back. Woow, that was the nicest rambutan I have ever tasted. Really very juicy and fresh. We ask her when will the rambutan ripe? She said about 8 - 10 days more. I was thinking want to go back there to buy rambutan. Well, cannot lah .. coz got other plan liao.

I am going to Raub tomorrow after work for durian again. This is organise by my sis in law - Joanne, to her friend's orchard.

Ciao for now.. shall come back with another story from Raub.

Monday, July 28, 2008

THE X FILES - I Want To Believe (It's Hard to Believe)

It took days for me to think how and what should I post for this MOCHA session.
Whatever my post is; first of all, I must thank my brother (whom had added me in the MOCHA session) and Tammy (the organizer, whom has been so generous to give us ticket). Also must thank Hurley (the one that been so nice to get us mixed around); the photographer Joyce (not girl) & Ewin (both are just like me, not very much talking), IcedNyior (a hi and bye cutiepie) and the rest that I totally cannot recall their names (remember only the long hair gorgeous and other 2 guys). It was my great pleasure to met you all.

The X Files - I Want To Believe
Now time to review my thought for the movie. Well, forgive me to say that it was actually boring.... sighs. It always gave me a big question mark. Maybe because I am not a big time fan and also more or less I'm not those artistic kind of people so I dont't find its beauty.
Why they want to transplant the arm when they have decided to transplant the head to another body? I also don't understand why they want to transplant it to a lady body since they can actually take in a guy's body?
I don't believe it and very much hated it; that they always come to the rescue right on time...
And what happen to the cutted out head? Fixed it back to the body?
What happened to Scully's patient, the boy?
Does it mean there will be another continue movie? hmmm.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dinner at Thian Hou Kong

Just a brief one for this issue. (hehe.. the actual fact is, I'm not a good writer :p)
I bought 4 tickets to join my brother for the vegetarian dinner at Thian Hou Kong on 19 July 2008. Dinner start at 7.30pm. Food was nice and show also good. hmm.. the artists are all from the temple (一贯.. forgot the last word.. sorry, when remember will edit it) and some members are from Taiwan.

These are photo taken during dinner with my bro's kids Isaac and Iona.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My colleague, Mr Toon's Birthday (17 July 2008)

Suddenly Vannis asked, do you know who's birthday today? I was like huh?!! How would I know? She want me to guess, well I said I don't know, just lazy to answer. So she said is Mr Toon's birthday.

"Wah.. his birthday also you know!?" she said actuall she don't know, is Ms Shireen, our account Managet cum HR Manager told her.
So, they bought a cake and sing birthday song for him.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

HS Code Course 5th July 2008

At 7.45am, Joanne knocked on my room's door to wake me up for breakfast with Officer Lim, Office Yu and other SFFLA members at "Big Tree". I am ready at 8.00am (which we supposed to be there at 8.00am) hehe..

And when we reach there, Officer Yu, Mr Teh WK and Vivian is already there.

So, Mr Teh ordered claypot BKT for 3, 1 steamed fish, 1 steamed "Tau Fu" and 1 "Yau Mark" vegetable. Few minutes later, comes Mr & Mrs Ang SH and followed by Officer Lim. We finished at about 8.45am and Officer Lim have to leave for Seminar at SFFLA offce at which will start at 9.00am.

Our company has sent 2 staffs to this seminar to understand how to find the correct code for cargo. I also sneak in there to catch up a little bit. Its kind of bored there! There only thing I can recall was when Officer Lim mentioned about the HS Code for Sea Bass fish and showed the picture that creature, he said he don't understand why this "ugly fish" is protected at USA?
To him, we should protect this species of fish which only left 1 in Malaysia (click to see)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Cooking in Lim Phang Boo Forwarding

Remember sometimes ago, when my son is about 7 months old, when he started to have his solid food (porriage) while chatting in the office during our free time. Ms Peggy mentioned, baby food is very nice to eat, can we cook in the office?

Well, I also is porriage lover so I agreed to her suggestion, and the very next day, Peggy brought her slow cooker and some rice to cook for lunch. We cook it for about a week and start to get bored with the same food. We stop totally when no one want to cook anymore and the slow cooker was there untouched.

Somewhere last week, he said want to cook some "tong shui" (sort of sweet desert) like green beans soup or red bean soup or even barley soup in the office. So Small Lim bring his rice cooker to the office and the first 'tong shui' we cook was green bean soup. It turned out very nice and we continue for the next day. So save some money, we have change from 'tong shui' to porriage. hehe...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Bird Quest Family Hunt 2008

This is a last minute decision to joint the hunt. Another family hunt. Walk hunt is always tiring but of course there are also fun. The good thing about walk hunt is, no matter how tired you are, you stil have to go on until finish.
This hunt was organised by LION CLUB OF PETALING JAYA CITY and it was for the fund raising and charity for NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION,MALAYSIA.

Not much photo there to take as we keep on waiting for the peacock to open his tail.

We were given Nasi Lemak for our lunch. After lunch, there was bird show which was in our schedule. Nice show though....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival - 8 June 2008 五月初五,端午节

Today is Dragon Boat Festival. This is an chinese tradition festival where we can see most chinese will prepare "Bah Chang" for praying.

I like this day since I was kid. I like it because I get to eat mom's delicious "Bah Chang" and the process was fun! Well, me and my brother have to do the preparation like boiling the bamboo leaves and wash it after the water cool down and wash the pot.

Today, I must thank my mom for insisting me to learn how to wrap 'Bah Chang', if it is not because of her, I would not know the tactic to wrap.

2 weeks ago, I asked my mother in law if she want to warp the 'Bah Chang'? I said I know how to wrap just not very good to cook the ingredient. So she said, go ahead to prepare what ever needed and she will help to cook the ingredient. I went on to buy the glutinous rice, the bamboo leave, chestnut and m-i-l went to market and buy pork.

Friday, we started to clean the bamboo leave by boiling it first and wash it with clean water.

Saturday, m-i-l start cutting the pork into smaller size marinate, slice the mushroom. Fragent fried the glutinous rice and boil the dried chestnut and me clean up the remaining on chestnut.

M-i-l has prepared all the ingredient, me and my sis in law, Shireen began to wrap after lunch. It took about an hour to finish wrapping the 'Bah Chang' with the help from Xin Hong and Amery.

 端午亦称端五,是我国最大的传统节日之一。“端”的意思和“初”相同,称“端五”也就如称“初五”;端五的“五”字又与“午”相通,按地支顺序推算,五月正是“午”月。又因午时为“阳辰”,所以端五也叫“端阳”。五月五日,月、日都是五,故称重五,也称重午。  此外,端午还有许多别称,如:夏节、浴兰节、女儿节,天中节、地腊、诗人节等等。端午节的别称之多,间接说明了端午节俗起源的歧出。事实也正是这样的。关于端午节的来源,时至今日至少有四、五种说法,诸如:纪念屈原说;吴越民族图腾祭说;起于三代夏至节说;恶月恶日驱避说,等等。

Monday, May 19, 2008

Memories in Klang Securities Sdn Bhd - Share Market VS Wet Market

Remember when I first came to Port Klang with my mom to visit my brother was not long after taken my SPM result. Me and my mom stayed with my brother in his office (which the management allow him to stay). Every day I must stay in the room because Port Klang is a stranger place to me. We only went out on weekend or when my brother is free or after work.

Few days later, my brother asked me if I want to work in a securities firm? I said ok can try, since I am not further studying. This job was recommended by his friend's friend Ms Catherine (secretary for one of the Director Mr Lee Tuck Suan). I went for the interview on 6th May 1993 which I don't have any idea what it would look like.

I opened the door and I can't get in! What happened here? So I go to a guard and ask him where should I go for interview? Luckily he is being helpful and told me to take the side steps to 1st floor. There I met Ms Lay See and she ask me to wait for Mr Micheal Liao. I waited and waited but this person still haven't call me yet. So I ask Lay See if she can inform again. To my surprised, Mr Micheal Liao doesn't want to interview me and redirect me to seek for Mr Lee Chee Kai at 2nd floor. I've no choice, so I went on. There, I first met Ms Catherine (whom is my bro's friend's friend). The interview went on smoothly, although I dont have any working experience or other skills and worst no fluent english language but lucky enough I was accepted to join them. Mr Lee wanted me to start working the very next day (which I remember is Wesak holiday) and I asked "Tomorrow is not holiday?" He look at the calender and said "You come day after tomorrow" and he continue after a short thought and said : "You can start your work on Monday."

I am so happy coz 1. I was employed and 2 because I dont have to start working on Saturday.

Monday, I reported my first day of duty to Mr Micheal Liao. He has gave me a bad impression with another surprised that he use a lot of vulgar words and also because this is the man that I still remember he doesn't want to interview me. After some time I worked under him, slowly get to know him, I found that he, Mr Micheal Liao actually is a very nice guy (not to mentioned he used to the 4 letters word lah .. ) he is somehow caring and is a good manager.

My first job was sign with Klang Securities Sdn Bhd and was located right in front of a wet market. It looks like "Share market versus WET MARKET".. haha

There has got a lot nice senior colleagues like Ms Evelyn Cheng, Ms Angie Lau, Mr Azhar, Ms Kam Yuen Yuen, Mr Faizal, Ms Anjoe Yap Boon Geok, Kak Noor and Siti, Ms Lim (we call her Pei Ling - from account dept) and my manager is Mr Micheal Liao (the one don't want to interview me .. grrr) Mr Dennis Kow, Mr Adrian Lim & Ms Chong Mong Shan.

There are also new colleagues like Mr Loh, Ms Vivian, Ms Wendy, Ms Dolly, Ms Irene, Ms Azizah, Mr Kong and few more.. (sorry if I have missed our your name there, can not recall all)

There are too much to write from this company which has actually give me a lot of sweet memories .. should write it one by one when I recall!
Here are some of my ex-colleague's photo, anyone you know? ;)