Friday, August 8, 2008

Durian Cheese Cake from The Penny's House

This is a slice of Durian Cheese Cake from The Penny's House.
Tempting right... you haven't taste it. It is soooo veryyyy the yummyyyy. Once you taste it you will 'Ask for more' To know whether I am telling the truth, first you must pay me 18 buck for this piece of cake. But must tell you first. They don't simple take order wan lor if don't have good durian they don't baked. Dare to take the challenge?Not every one get to order you know.. must get permission and make appointment one you know!! But I am lucky enough, I got examption to do so.. Right or not Thomas?
You must be wondering where is The Penny's House right? Hah.. To know you must ask Mr Thomas, the order must be place with me and I will hand it over to Thomas..

To know lagi further.. just ask Thomas lah....


Hurley said...

doesnt look like durian cake at all!

Tiffany said...

that is the best part lah..
Not everyone can blend in durian and cheese..!! It proves that they are good.