Monday, August 18, 2008

I saw a dog chasing a man on bicycle

Today I saw a street dog barking and run chasing a foreign worker (not sure is Bangladesh or vietnamese) who in riding a bicycle. The poor guy must be very scared and speed up paddle his bike. I think the dog chase him about 100 meter and give up after the guy cross a traffic light.
By seeing this, suddenly a question cross my mind, why this dog want to chase him? I heard this before, if a person eat a dog meat before they will be chase by dog. I'm not sure is it true?


Thomas Mok said...

it would most probably be 2 reasons only :-

a) the man is a vietnamese. they do eat dogs, it is a luxurious delicacy to them. check around, if within this two weeks you don't see that dog anymore, you know what has happened to it. most probably the vietnamese would say, "chase me some more lah, now I EAT you!! hmmphh!!"

b) the bicycle tyres kena another dog's kencing already, that is why it chase the bicycle because they will smell their enemy's smell in their territory and will only give up after they chased them OUT of their territory, which the perimeter is about 100 meter loh, i think.

Tiffany said...

oh i see. shall check it out if the dog could live longer :p

Thomas Mok said...

you got tagged, go to my blog and copy the question and then answer, hehehe.