Thursday, January 29, 2009

开工大吉 (Hoi Kong Tai Kat) - First day of work after CNY

2009 牛年行好运 (己丑年)

Today 29 Jan'09 is the first day of work after chinese. After so many days off, I dont feel like working.

NO! NO! NO! I cannot have this kind of mentality, like this how to improve? 'NIU' Year must work hard like it or even harder :o)

Wishing everyone 牛年行好运

Monday, January 26, 2009

EOE Online Photo Printing (Part II)

As per condition, we need to send our feedback of the EOE Online Photo Printing (Part II) once we received our photos. (I was a little late, but at least I completed my task ;))

Honestly, I must tell you people that EOE Online Photo Printing are really very great! Why I say so? Is it because I get my photos free? NO! I can tell you they are very good and efficient. They even called me on my mobile number to inform that one of my downloaded photo was bad, and they allow you to download another photo to replace it.. (to make it simple, I just ask them to develop one of the 8R to replace it).

As promise, their delivery was on time. I got my photo on Thursday and most of them are wonderful. But I also mush remind those who are keen to try their serive, please do not download from picasa album and upload to EOE because those photo from picasa album was resized hence the result are bad and dont blame EOE, its not their fault, really..

I should have some to develop this CNY, very sure I'll use EOE Online Photo Printing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We won 8 InkHeart tickets in total and have extra of 5 ticket. Since I've extra, I thought of my brother, Tammy & Hurley. So I ask if my brother want to go; but he is not free (need to clean up and decorate his house), then I asked for Tammy's mobile number and asked if she is free for the movie. Yeah, she can go and had offer if we want her to collect ticket for us :) . Then I msn to Hurley, and he can go too. Now, I left 2 more tickets, I called Vincent if he want to go, so I can also invite Joanne to go too. But both them not free.. haizz. In the afternoon, my ex-colleague Charlene msn and chit-chat, suddenly I thought maybe I can invite her too. So I did, and she is coming along for the movie. So left 1 ticket was empty.

The movie is quite nice. It's about someone that have special gift the he didn't know until something happened but its too late when he reliased it. Silvertongue (Mortimer) - whom when read a story book will bring the story book's charactor to present, has read outloud the bedtime story to his daughter - Meggie the story of InkHeart and without knowing of his gift, he has brought out the story's charactor and has bring disaster to his family. Dustfinger - one of the charactor from the story book with the talent of having fire by rubbing his palm, has rescued Mortimer and Meggie and escape but his poor wife has accidently swap in to the story book.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

EOE Online Photo Printing

We have not develop any photo since we bought a digital camera. This is because we can download all our photo direct into computer. But my father in law always complaint why now we don't develop and print the photo anymore? Young generation like us are too lazy to do things like that, we do everything online. But reasonly I was told by my brother of the online photo printing from EOE, but never know how convenience it is. I'm sure we can saved our travelling time too! According to my brother, it is so easy even a 7 years old kid can do it! If a 7 years old kid can do it, I should be able to do it too..

Lets find out how true is his words of the EOE Online Photo Printing. Have check in the website and found out there is a promotion and it's EXTENDED, and the price is not expensive. Further more, if we order of RM35.00 or more, we get free delivery/shipping; so, why wait?Let's experience it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's another Monday

Early in the morning today, I went to Crystal Crown Hotel to make room reservation for my Yangon agent.
Joanne go to fetch Mr Errol at Mid Valley and they arrived Port Kelang around 11am.

I was in the Westport to take some photo for his container while waiting for them to join me. After satisfied taking the photo, we off for Lunch. We had our lunch at The Imperial Restaurant at Desawan.

Mr Errol came to our office after the lunch and have sitted for about an hour. After that Ms Joanne send him to check-in at Crystal Crown Hotel. Now I have to go home liao.. our next dinner appointment is at 7pm at Japanese Restaurant near the Istana.

I am leaving now. If I snap photo athe Japanese restaurant, will upload in later.

Till then .. ciao

2nd Weekend (11/Jan'2009)

It's another week. We must pray on every 16th December of Lunar Calender. We Hainanese has the practice of this praying. The praying is to thank god for the year. Normally my MIL will pre-order the egg cake (鸡蛋糕), “huat kueh" and on the day of praying she will cook chicken, fish to pray.
This year she invited her best friend- Mr & Mrs Pang, A Lan Chieh (our neighbour) so she asked me to cook mix vegetable and get A Lan Chieh to cook her best curry chicken. So I cook a very very big portion of mix vegetable (which when I scoop out was 2 big bowls). I was thinking; this is too much liao, sure cannot finish. But haha.. the vegetable is the first to finish until 美人照镜!(mei ren zhao jing)
So good to have mom's cooking gene in my blood :)

I didnt eat dinner at home coz I need to meet my Yangon agent in Mid Valley, KL. Joanne and I leave home at 5.45 pm and reach there at 6.15pm. No jam along the way. We had dinner in the Thai Restoran and have Coffee at The Coffee Beans. We chat until 11 something and by the time we reach home, its already midnight!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

In Gleneagles Intan

Father in law did an angiogram on 6/Jan'09 in GIMC in Ampang and found there is a blockage about 80% in one of the vain, so he did the so call 'balloon blowing'. Everything went smooth and he has discharge today and back home resting.

He was in the ICU (not serious case, just need to be there for better observation) after the operation and the next day was transfered back to normal room. I visited him yesterday because MIL asked me to stay home coz people are not allow to visti or stay in ICU after 8pm.
We all had chicken rice for dinner which was bought by Fook upon request from us .. hehe
Fook stayed with his dad and drive home today after discharge.

How much is the whole process? Frankly; I DON'T KNOW! Must be expensive lah.. GIMC itself looks like hotel; so you can imagine lor..

Photo here

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cooking Time

Father in law went to Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre for check up since morning and my MIL also went to accompanied him. Means today MIL not cooking liao lor..

So, I open up fridge and see what we have. Well, I found prawns, chinese cabbage, fresh mushroom, black fungus, carrot, chicken maryland and upon request, FIL wants steam fish, so i took out fish.

Maybe i got my mother's gene, my cooking was delicious I can say myself. How can I tell? My style is; when I cook, I'll make sure I cook a lot, so everybody get to eat more .. muhaha
And the result is; all foods are finish..

What I cook? Okay, I steam fish (as per request), then I cook mushroom & funges mixed with bittergourd and carrot, then we have salted chicken (they brought back home not I cook one), at first I thought we cannot finish all these dishes, well all finish lah..

Second day (Sunday) I am requested to cook again for dinner.. The lazy me, so I steam again lah.. the fastest and healty way..

Took out prawns, chicken maryland and chinese cabbage, all three I steamed. Prawn steam with Chinese Herbs, chicken steam with "tauchu" and Chinese Cabbage steam plainly and then pour in the special cook saurce (and some claim this one must be buy from outside and it tasted like the one from Madarin Oriental Hotel) muhaha...

Friday, January 2, 2009

2nd January 2009

Day by day, goes by flying...
Today is the second day of 2009, and have done nothing on first day of 2009 neither.. sigh
Went to customer place today and nothing much to talk to.. everyone saying the same thing, market down trend, business slowing down! Been hearing this for the past 3 months already..

Thursday, January 1, 2009


告别2008, 欢迎2009.大家都说:新的一年, 新的开始. 想想去年我都做了些什么?