Monday, January 25, 2010

Bangkok Trip 10 - 15 January 2010

This is my first oversea trip - destination BANGKOK.

It was a fun trip, i think this was the trip that i walk the most!! I thought i cant walk but because want to save money, i was force to walk.

First day arrive, after checked in the hotel, we went to MBK for custom tailor which was highly recommanded by my bro. I make 2 suits and 2 blouses and get 2 blouses FOC.

If you all happen to go Bangkok, just try to make your own custom tailor suit from this shop VIP at MBK exit at Chit Lom Station by BTS :) One suit is around Thai Bath 4000 to 4500, blouse around TB700-TB800 & trouser / skirt around TB1200. After MBK, we went to Chakuchat Night Market. This is a very big bargain store, huge until i dont know how to buy things.

Second day, we went to Arun Wat, Grand Palace other place.. cant recall

Third day, at first we plan to Pataya but then cancel. We went to Pratunam Centre, the wholesaler centre. Things are cheap if you bought 3 items or more. Next we went to INDRA, its another shopping place. We had dinner at the road side neat Centre Point, yummy and cheap.

Forth day, also shopping, BTS hopping, I go out almost every stop. Their BTS are so convenience that each stop has a shopping complex. But most shopping are the same.

Fifth day, prepare for home .. time passes very fast.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Trip 2-3 Jan 2010 to Port Dickson

The very first family trip this year. Our destination was Port Dickson. Initial plan was that we suppossed to start our journey at about 9.30am but as usual, after all the delay, due to our pre-dinner of 'oven chicken'; we started our journey at 10.45 pm.
We took the sepang way so that we can stop by along the journey for some durian :0)
Before we reach the durian, our stomach start calling us to feed 'em. So since we already at Nilai area, we stop for lunch at this restaurant named something like '隆盛佛跳墙饭馆' 'Loon Sing Chinese Cruisin Restaurant'. Foods were delicious and the price should be reasonable lah..
Carry on our durian hunting after lunch and we finally spotted them and start eating by the road side and manage to 'ta pau' some in container ;-)
Cant remember what time we reach our accomodation hotel, the only thing i remember is that the room is not ready! We waited for more than 30 mins for the hotel staff to clean the room.
We moved in once they room was ready. It was a double storey 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms (not detach) 2 halls and no cooking allowed apartment. Disregard to the rules, we still cooked but is only the simple cooking.. lol. We brought our own rice cooker, to cook rice for our dinner.
Dinner was served with the 'oven chicken' other pasar malam food like 'satay ayam' & 'ayam percik' & durian. Then we have our local fruit mangostein (manggis), langsat, rambutan and also grapes. They all went down for beach side walk after dinner, me and my in-laws stay in the room.
Haha.. they came back with 3 beers and 1 stout which it was supposed to be enjoyed at the lounge but they brought back because there are children that were not allowed to enter. The night went on with some chit-chating and soon to bed time.
Today woke up at 8.30am and had my breakfast in the hotel about 9.15am. Do the last event in the pool side before we pack for home.
After a very simple lunch (instant noodle and bread) we check out hotel at 2pm and heading back home. It was hot day today, but halfway thru, sky getting darker and rain came pouring.
Along the way, again we stop by to have durian, but they all say today durian is not very tempting, so bought very little home.
Its already 4 something when we arrive home. Have tea & sandwich for tea time. The day went on back to normal again..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Chinese NIU year 2009 has gone.

2010 New Year has arrived.
Wish everyone with blessed New Year 2010 and may all dreams that have not fulfill last year will come true this year.

Happy New Year 2010