Friday, October 30, 2009

Cactus Flowers

My neighbour cactus blooms of this white color flowers. The flower is bigger than the cactus itself.
Take a look..


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Birthday Present

Breakfast & Kid's Fun Lunch

This one for me
This one for Xin Hong
This for Joanne

Xin Hong's LUNCH

Kids Song CDs

Remembered I bought Kid's Song CD from a salesman whom approched my office (ex-company : Amsteel Securities) It's probably about 10 years ago. It cost me about RM10 per pieces but now it can be play anymore coz its have lots of scratches.
One day, I decided to called the producer of the Kid's Songs to enquire if I can order the cd thru phone, well the lady whom attended my call has been nice and took my order with the condition that I must pay in advance together with the courier fee. Proof of oayment is require.

So I get everything done the next day, and waited excitedly to the arrival of the CDs. 2 days later I received a parcel and those CDs come with stories books..
These are the same story book, that I was thinking to complain about it.. but I do not do it having thinking that "It's their packing anyway"..

Safety Box

Sometime ago, go to the ACE shop and bought a mini safety box. It look like this..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Restoran Lima Bintang

Mother-in-law didnt cook for lunch today, so my daughter and I went to have lunch in Restoran Lima Bintang.

I had mee goreng mamak and milo ice, xin hong order roti paper, one fried chicken drum stick and limau ice.

These meal cost me RM11.30, there is no more cheap food in anywhere now days..

Bad Request !!

I was trying to upload some photos into the picasa album this morning but kept getting this message... is anyone got the same problem?

Friday, October 2, 2009



相传,远古时候有一年,天上出现了十个太阳,直烤得大地冒烟,海水枯干,老百姓眼看无法再生活去。 这件事惊动了一个名叫后羿的英雄,他登上昆仑山顶,运足神力,拉开神弓,一气射下九个多余的太阳。

  三天后,后羿率众徒外出狩猎,心怀鬼胎的蓬蒙假装生病,留了下来。  待后羿率众人走后不久,蓬蒙手持宝剑闯入内宅后院,威逼嫦娥交出不死药。  嫦娥知道自己不是蓬蒙的对手,危急之时她当机立断,转身打开百宝匣,拿出不死药一口吞了下去。  嫦娥吞下药,身子立时飘离地面、冲出窗口,向天上飞去。由于嫦娥牵挂着丈夫,便飞落到离人间最近的月亮上成了仙。  傍晚,后羿回到家,侍女们哭诉了白天发生的事。后羿既惊又怒,抽剑去杀恶徒,蓬蒙早逃走了。气得后羿捶胸顿足哇哇大叫。悲痛欲绝的后羿,仰望着夜空呼唤爱妻的名字。这时他惊奇地发现,今天的月亮格外皎洁明亮,而且有个晃动的身影酷似嫦娥。  后羿急忙派人到嫦娥喜爱的后花园里,摆上香案,放上她平时最爱吃的蜜食鲜果,遥祭在月宫里眷恋着自己的嫦娥。  百姓们闻知嫦娥奔月成仙的消息后,纷纷在月下摆设香案,向善良的嫦娥祈求吉祥平安。从此,中秋节拜月的风俗在民间传开了。

Off your damn phone!!!

Please Switch Off Your Mobile in Cinema!