Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kids Song CDs

Remembered I bought Kid's Song CD from a salesman whom approched my office (ex-company : Amsteel Securities) It's probably about 10 years ago. It cost me about RM10 per pieces but now it can be play anymore coz its have lots of scratches.
One day, I decided to called the producer of the Kid's Songs to enquire if I can order the cd thru phone, well the lady whom attended my call has been nice and took my order with the condition that I must pay in advance together with the courier fee. Proof of oayment is require.

So I get everything done the next day, and waited excitedly to the arrival of the CDs. 2 days later I received a parcel and those CDs come with stories books..
These are the same story book, that I was thinking to complain about it.. but I do not do it having thinking that "It's their packing anyway"..

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