Monday, June 8, 2009

The Last Night in Ho Chi Minh

It's too fast, today is the last night to stay in Ho Chi Minh, didnt buy a lot of thing coz it was not very expensive even when we convert it to RM.
Just came back from the river view at the Saigon River. Saw the floading restaurant there, one was seen with the typical chinese name '168' ..
Now have to do some packing coz we need to leave for airport around 6.30am from here..
Dont know when will I be back to Ho Chi Minh ...

Night before HCMC Trip

I went to my bro's house to collect the Vietnam pocket guide. Once reach home, I quickly call a taxi to arrange transport to airport. We've call a few to check price, finally get one who willing to pick up 2 points without additional charge. Transport settled. Then we check thru internet for the places of interest for tomorrow trip. Result shows Floating Market, Mekong Delta, Cuchi Tunnel, Botanica Garden and a few more. Once satisfied, I begin to pack my largege. Wow.. By the time I finished its already 1.45am so I am off to bed but maybe too exited cant fall into sleep until the last time I saw the time was around 2.08am.
Woke up at 4am, get ready to go.. Ho Chi Minh here I come :-)