Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ji Dan Gao (Steam Egg Cake)

It is a cold cold day today and it been raining since yesterday night. Out of sudden I feel like eating Ji Dan Gao. Baking day!!  

Over here in Adelaide, you can get most anything you want but of course it will not be the same familiar taste, flavour and fragent that you can expect .. most important -- EXPENSIVE !!

The only way is to 'MAKE YOUR OWN'. Ji dan gao is not very diffucult to make and the ingredients is also very little and simple it just need eggs, sugar and flour; not even baking soda nor baking powder in it!!

Here is the recipe I cooked today.

1 bowl of eggs (approx about 5 - 6 eggs)   
1 bowl of all purpose flour
1 bowl of sugar (i use 3/4 so not too sweet)

1. Beat egg and sugar in a mixer over low speed for 2mins, increase to medium high speed and continue beat till double in volume, thick and creamy. Change to low speed again and beat for 1-2mins to minimize the air bubbles.
2. Sift in flour, mix slowly with a spatula and combine well.
3. Pour the cake mixture into prepared lined baking tin or bamboo steam tray, rest for 10mins.
4. I put into a pressure cooker for 12 mins (or Steam over high heat for about 30 - 40mins) and wait for 1min then only remove the cake.
5. Serve after slightly cool down.

My very own 'ji dan gao' - it's not smilling at me
Yet my best all time favorite, still the one my dear mom's baked - kuih baulu one of her best and not forgeting the kuih curut too. Miss them every Chinese New Year.. they are so yummy!!