Friday, October 17, 2008

Baking Cake

After tested for so many days to bake a cup cake, I finally got it right! Maybe other people can but for me, I just can't anyhow bake a cake without knowing the recipe or ingredient.
After get the recipe from a magazine, I follow exactly so .. walla it turn out very nice. Yummm..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Must Keep Up again

Has stop posting after Tuesday, want to know why? Coz my stupid connection always cannot find the connection although it was connected.. Get fed up so just leave for days.
Must be wondering why not posting from office right? hmmm... the reason is I have not go to office very often now, even if I go also, most 3 - 4 hours then I will go home. Syiok right?
Syiok your head!! I must do housework leh .. Wake up in the morning must sweep and mop the floor, then laundry thingy leh.. by the time i finish it is about 9:00am liao.. makan breakfast then must get ready for Ee Sern liao...
Time passes very fast. Never realised I have become maid for 3 weeks liao.. but ok lah, now can get used to it already. Still got time to bake Roti lehh.. hehe.
First time baked, jadi a little bit, second time baked, jadi liao (coz follow exactly from the recipe).
Today baked again and.. walla.. look very nice. Should take photo tomorrow :)
Ok lah.. need to go to bed liao .. good night.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 oct 2008

now this blog has become my diary :)
Today I curi tulang didnt go to work. MIL sakit mah..
Stay home only lor doing housework.. sianz

6 oct 2008

Just another manic Monday and it working day. As usual, after doing housework and have my breakfast I go to work and back at 2:30 pm coz MIL neck and back is pain.

Oh ya, we found our truck already somewhere in Meru, luckily not much damage only some parts are missing.

Hubby brought back Money Not Enough 2, but have not watch yet. Maybe tomorrow. It seems like TIME not enough for me now days. hmmm....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday 5 oct 2008

I supposed to go to bro Thomas house for praying but I was late and they have finish praying by the time i reached their house.
My sis in law has cook a lot of thing for the praying. There were vegetarian Bak Kut Teh and asparagus, vegetarian fish i think made from yam, all were so yummy.
Then we stayed and watch Britain got Talent until about 2:00 pm and hubby said want to go home liao coz Ee Sern (my son) want to sleep liao. So, off we go.

Home : need to clean the house as no maid at the moment. Do until about 4pm and MIL told me that today they (MIL & FIL) have dinner so she didnt cook. Now I need to think what to cook for dinner. So I opened up the fridge and there were spinach, vegeball, choy sam, taufu, chicken drumstick. Quite a lot things, so I decided to cook Mee Hun Kuey only lah.


donno why my post options's date and time always at 6/29/08 @ 6.15am. i thought it should be auto?! i have also check my computer time, thought it twas my computer time different but it was not. weird right?
so each time i need to change the date and time to save or to post.. sianz

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday 4 oct 2008

also another working day..
today went in office a bit late coz i need to fetch my FIL to the massage centre.
I got back home about 4.30 pm, donno what am i doing in the office so long??!!??

Friday 3 oct 2008

today is worrking day after 2 days off for raya holidays. feel so lazy but what to do, my malay colleague still on leave.
my container also cannot move because all the driver are still on leave too.

today i got a bad news from my driver, he inform that our truck has been stolen.. :( if anyone see my truck reg no BDK 934 (10 tonnes truck) please inform me at 31688234.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fook's Chinese Birthday

Yesterday was 2nd day of raya and also is Seng Fook's Lunar Birthday. I didnt know until my MIL say so. Fook also dont know ..
We had 'dim sum' in the morning at Damasara near Atria and go to shopping at Atria after 'dim sum'. Nothing much to shop, Annie get her pasta recipe book at RM2.00 and bought toy for Ee Sern and Cheryl.
Home; we were instruct to cook for dinner (die.. i have not cook for soooo long). My MIL said she has chicken and tuna fish and had bring down to defrost.
I cant think of what I want to cook so I decided to just marinate and fry the chicken. I also made some salad and fries. Tuna; Annie will cook for pasta follow the recipe from the new book she bought in the afternoon.
So this is our dinner lor.. oh yeah.. there were also 'ang kuei nui' (red coloured eggs) only no 'mee tua' .. ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding Dinner at Centro

Today is Raya first day. Not doing anything but house work.

Went to a wedding dinner. Groom is Sally's brother (Joanne's friend brother, the one we went for Durian Trip). Initially I dont want to go because I dont know them well, but since my sis-in-law Joanne is away and my parent insist that we must go coz they have reserved 6 seats for us.
The dinner was held in Centro Grand Ballroom and was decorated nicely and beautiful by the groom's sister-Sally. It's cozy and very different and you dont feel you are actually sitting in a ballroom with this deco. Impressive!
The food are also different and very nice. Looks very clean with the cover on top of each dish came out.