Friday, October 3, 2008

Fook's Chinese Birthday

Yesterday was 2nd day of raya and also is Seng Fook's Lunar Birthday. I didnt know until my MIL say so. Fook also dont know ..
We had 'dim sum' in the morning at Damasara near Atria and go to shopping at Atria after 'dim sum'. Nothing much to shop, Annie get her pasta recipe book at RM2.00 and bought toy for Ee Sern and Cheryl.
Home; we were instruct to cook for dinner (die.. i have not cook for soooo long). My MIL said she has chicken and tuna fish and had bring down to defrost.
I cant think of what I want to cook so I decided to just marinate and fry the chicken. I also made some salad and fries. Tuna; Annie will cook for pasta follow the recipe from the new book she bought in the afternoon.
So this is our dinner lor.. oh yeah.. there were also 'ang kuei nui' (red coloured eggs) only no 'mee tua' .. ;)

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