Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Must Keep Up again

Has stop posting after Tuesday, want to know why? Coz my stupid connection always cannot find the connection although it was connected.. Get fed up so just leave for days.
Must be wondering why not posting from office right? hmmm... the reason is I have not go to office very often now, even if I go also, most 3 - 4 hours then I will go home. Syiok right?
Syiok your head!! I must do housework leh .. Wake up in the morning must sweep and mop the floor, then laundry thingy leh.. by the time i finish it is about 9:00am liao.. makan breakfast then must get ready for Ee Sern liao...
Time passes very fast. Never realised I have become maid for 3 weeks liao.. but ok lah, now can get used to it already. Still got time to bake Roti lehh.. hehe.
First time baked, jadi a little bit, second time baked, jadi liao (coz follow exactly from the recipe).
Today baked again and.. walla.. look very nice. Should take photo tomorrow :)
Ok lah.. need to go to bed liao .. good night.

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