Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday 5 oct 2008

I supposed to go to bro Thomas house for praying but I was late and they have finish praying by the time i reached their house.
My sis in law has cook a lot of thing for the praying. There were vegetarian Bak Kut Teh and asparagus, vegetarian fish i think made from yam, all were so yummy.
Then we stayed and watch Britain got Talent until about 2:00 pm and hubby said want to go home liao coz Ee Sern (my son) want to sleep liao. So, off we go.

Home : need to clean the house as no maid at the moment. Do until about 4pm and MIL told me that today they (MIL & FIL) have dinner so she didnt cook. Now I need to think what to cook for dinner. So I opened up the fridge and there were spinach, vegeball, choy sam, taufu, chicken drumstick. Quite a lot things, so I decided to cook Mee Hun Kuey only lah.

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