Monday, January 12, 2009

It's another Monday

Early in the morning today, I went to Crystal Crown Hotel to make room reservation for my Yangon agent.
Joanne go to fetch Mr Errol at Mid Valley and they arrived Port Kelang around 11am.

I was in the Westport to take some photo for his container while waiting for them to join me. After satisfied taking the photo, we off for Lunch. We had our lunch at The Imperial Restaurant at Desawan.

Mr Errol came to our office after the lunch and have sitted for about an hour. After that Ms Joanne send him to check-in at Crystal Crown Hotel. Now I have to go home liao.. our next dinner appointment is at 7pm at Japanese Restaurant near the Istana.

I am leaving now. If I snap photo athe Japanese restaurant, will upload in later.

Till then .. ciao


d'Frog Prince said...

cooking is easy mah. we all are "Mok Can Cook" what :p

Tiffany said...