Thursday, January 22, 2009


We won 8 InkHeart tickets in total and have extra of 5 ticket. Since I've extra, I thought of my brother, Tammy & Hurley. So I ask if my brother want to go; but he is not free (need to clean up and decorate his house), then I asked for Tammy's mobile number and asked if she is free for the movie. Yeah, she can go and had offer if we want her to collect ticket for us :) . Then I msn to Hurley, and he can go too. Now, I left 2 more tickets, I called Vincent if he want to go, so I can also invite Joanne to go too. But both them not free.. haizz. In the afternoon, my ex-colleague Charlene msn and chit-chat, suddenly I thought maybe I can invite her too. So I did, and she is coming along for the movie. So left 1 ticket was empty.

The movie is quite nice. It's about someone that have special gift the he didn't know until something happened but its too late when he reliased it. Silvertongue (Mortimer) - whom when read a story book will bring the story book's charactor to present, has read outloud the bedtime story to his daughter - Meggie the story of InkHeart and without knowing of his gift, he has brought out the story's charactor and has bring disaster to his family. Dustfinger - one of the charactor from the story book with the talent of having fire by rubbing his palm, has rescued Mortimer and Meggie and escape but his poor wife has accidently swap in to the story book.

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