Monday, January 26, 2009

EOE Online Photo Printing (Part II)

As per condition, we need to send our feedback of the EOE Online Photo Printing (Part II) once we received our photos. (I was a little late, but at least I completed my task ;))

Honestly, I must tell you people that EOE Online Photo Printing are really very great! Why I say so? Is it because I get my photos free? NO! I can tell you they are very good and efficient. They even called me on my mobile number to inform that one of my downloaded photo was bad, and they allow you to download another photo to replace it.. (to make it simple, I just ask them to develop one of the 8R to replace it).

As promise, their delivery was on time. I got my photo on Thursday and most of them are wonderful. But I also mush remind those who are keen to try their serive, please do not download from picasa album and upload to EOE because those photo from picasa album was resized hence the result are bad and dont blame EOE, its not their fault, really..

I should have some to develop this CNY, very sure I'll use EOE Online Photo Printing.