Monday, January 12, 2009

2nd Weekend (11/Jan'2009)

It's another week. We must pray on every 16th December of Lunar Calender. We Hainanese has the practice of this praying. The praying is to thank god for the year. Normally my MIL will pre-order the egg cake (鸡蛋糕), “huat kueh" and on the day of praying she will cook chicken, fish to pray.
This year she invited her best friend- Mr & Mrs Pang, A Lan Chieh (our neighbour) so she asked me to cook mix vegetable and get A Lan Chieh to cook her best curry chicken. So I cook a very very big portion of mix vegetable (which when I scoop out was 2 big bowls). I was thinking; this is too much liao, sure cannot finish. But haha.. the vegetable is the first to finish until 美人照镜!(mei ren zhao jing)
So good to have mom's cooking gene in my blood :)

I didnt eat dinner at home coz I need to meet my Yangon agent in Mid Valley, KL. Joanne and I leave home at 5.45 pm and reach there at 6.15pm. No jam along the way. We had dinner in the Thai Restoran and have Coffee at The Coffee Beans. We chat until 11 something and by the time we reach home, its already midnight!

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