Thursday, January 8, 2009

In Gleneagles Intan

Father in law did an angiogram on 6/Jan'09 in GIMC in Ampang and found there is a blockage about 80% in one of the vain, so he did the so call 'balloon blowing'. Everything went smooth and he has discharge today and back home resting.

He was in the ICU (not serious case, just need to be there for better observation) after the operation and the next day was transfered back to normal room. I visited him yesterday because MIL asked me to stay home coz people are not allow to visti or stay in ICU after 8pm.
We all had chicken rice for dinner which was bought by Fook upon request from us .. hehe
Fook stayed with his dad and drive home today after discharge.

How much is the whole process? Frankly; I DON'T KNOW! Must be expensive lah.. GIMC itself looks like hotel; so you can imagine lor..

Photo here

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