Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cooking Time

Father in law went to Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre for check up since morning and my MIL also went to accompanied him. Means today MIL not cooking liao lor..

So, I open up fridge and see what we have. Well, I found prawns, chinese cabbage, fresh mushroom, black fungus, carrot, chicken maryland and upon request, FIL wants steam fish, so i took out fish.

Maybe i got my mother's gene, my cooking was delicious I can say myself. How can I tell? My style is; when I cook, I'll make sure I cook a lot, so everybody get to eat more .. muhaha
And the result is; all foods are finish..

What I cook? Okay, I steam fish (as per request), then I cook mushroom & funges mixed with bittergourd and carrot, then we have salted chicken (they brought back home not I cook one), at first I thought we cannot finish all these dishes, well all finish lah..

Second day (Sunday) I am requested to cook again for dinner.. The lazy me, so I steam again lah.. the fastest and healty way..

Took out prawns, chicken maryland and chinese cabbage, all three I steamed. Prawn steam with Chinese Herbs, chicken steam with "tauchu" and Chinese Cabbage steam plainly and then pour in the special cook saurce (and some claim this one must be buy from outside and it tasted like the one from Madarin Oriental Hotel) muhaha...

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