Sunday, January 18, 2009

EOE Online Photo Printing

We have not develop any photo since we bought a digital camera. This is because we can download all our photo direct into computer. But my father in law always complaint why now we don't develop and print the photo anymore? Young generation like us are too lazy to do things like that, we do everything online. But reasonly I was told by my brother of the online photo printing from EOE, but never know how convenience it is. I'm sure we can saved our travelling time too! According to my brother, it is so easy even a 7 years old kid can do it! If a 7 years old kid can do it, I should be able to do it too..

Lets find out how true is his words of the EOE Online Photo Printing. Have check in the website and found out there is a promotion and it's EXTENDED, and the price is not expensive. Further more, if we order of RM35.00 or more, we get free delivery/shipping; so, why wait?Let's experience it!

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d'Frog Prince said...

after posting, you must provide the link to your post (just copy and paste to email) and email to

after that you upload your photos and then, provide the invoice no to them via the same email