Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ee Sern got passport today

Yesterday evening we took Ee Sern to snap instant photo for passport.
These are the photos taken, one look so 'blur-blur' another one look so naughty/chichky!
This morning we woke him up at 7:00 am. After fetching Xin Hong to school, I drive to the Imegration Office in Port Klang. Later hubby come hubby and Ee Sern in another car. The reason why we go in 2 cars is 1. I have to fetch Xin Hong to school before 7:30 am, 2. Because hubby must fetch Annie (my sis-in-law) to the train station at 7.45 am. But we both arrive Imegration about same time.

The good thing to go there early is there will be less people queueing. After fill-in the form and hand over to the officer, we are given the number and we are no.3 and no.4. The whole process is very fast, it takes just about 30 mins to settle and after payment was made, we were advised to come back 2 hours later to collect the passport book.

Kids passport is RM150 for 32 pages. As my brother said, once his friend told him, its better to get our passport ready just in case we need to use out of sudden.

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