Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tagged - despite warning against it!

Got tagged by Bro Thomas, wasn't really like to answer these questions, but what the heck, no harm actually right .. let's see...
1.what is your fav chocolate?
Old Jamaica
2.what is your 3 fav colour?
red, green, blue
3.who is the last person u talked to?
Seng Fook
4.who is the last person u msged?
can remember, need to check my handphone. Oh! I msged my sis in law on 13:00:03 19-AUG-2008
5.who was the first person u talked to when u woke up today?
I actually talk to my maid !! (my family all gone to Genting liao)
6.who is the first person u msged when u woke up today?
Hadn't send any sms yet.. many msges u recieved when u woke up today?
None, that is normal lah
8.who msged you when u woke up today?
No one
9.who do u wanna talk to now?
10.who do u wanna see right now?
My kids (as they also went to Genting with grandparents)
11.why do u wanna see that person now?
coz i haven't seen them since yesterday after breakfast!
12.what relationship are u with that person u wanna see now?
mom and her beloved kids lor
13.if u could hug someone now. who will it be?
my kids also lah
14.what are u doing now?
answering these questions
15.what colour shirt are u wearing now?
red purple
16.are u attached?
17.anyone u like?
many that i like
18.who do u like?
those i dont hate
19.what phone are u using?
nokia 6250 much money do u have in ur wallet now?
Usually i dont carry cash, i buy things with credit card and grocery with cheques
21.what do u love looking at?
lenglui & lengchai
22.who is the last guy u hugged?
my loukong i think
23.if u can choose to do something now. what would u do?
sleep are u feeling now?
very lazy
25.if u can turn back time 3 times. where will it be?
Back to Melaka with mom, dad and all, back to school, back to Australia on winter
26.who are u thinking of?
no one
27.what is the 3 things u want to forget?
I dont want to forget everything if i can
28.who makes u happy?
my kids
29.what is next to you?
my phone and dictionary
30.last show u watched?
no any show, just watch olympic yesterday many people are u talking to now?
None, trying to finish this asap
32.if u can change something in ur life.. what will it be?
I want to be a millionaire u have pets?
34.what do u feel like eating now?
Starfruits and watermelon
35.who are the 7 people u tag?
dont want to tag anyone lah .. let them rest

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