Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trip to Raub, Pahang

Today is the trip to Raub. We went in 2 cars. First car left in the morning. I am in the second car in the evening after attending Micheal's new office open house.

We reach Raub at 7:30pm and check in RestHouse in Raub town area.

Trying to take the RestHouse photo, but it turned out with the feeling like haunted house...ewwww

but don't worry, its not. Indeed its a very nice place to stay.

After checked in, we head toward to Joanne's friend house for BBQ dinner.

Her friend's house is very nice and the area is very peaceful. It was already full with durian!

We were furnished with freshly plucked rambutan and mangostine. We also plucked their rambutan.. hehe

We had chicken wings, fresh water fish, fresh prawns, sweet potatoes, fresh mushroom and also 'otak-otak'. BBQ dinner was very yummy and fun.

The next morning, we had light breakfast at a 'kopitiam' in the town area nearby the RestHouse.

After breakfast; we head to the durian orchard. The journey was okay, no narrow way indeed. We reach the orchard about 10:30am and the farmer told us all the durian trees are durian kampung trees and were above 40 years old. They also mentioned that the best durian is from the trees that has grown for more than 100 years. Imagine that !!

We also took home the durian. After thanked the host, we drive back home.

We stop half way at Kampung Bukit Tinggi to makan. As usual, we will stop at 126 Restaurant. Food there was nice and reasonable. Took a picture of 'No Torn' durian.. (only realise when my daughter mentioned it)

These photos are taken in 126 Restaurant too. Have a look!


Thomas Mok said...

nice, i would have loved to join you guys but i worry the germs might spread to the kids. better be safe than sorry.

we can always go again later. may be we can go to buy the rambutan in perak. i want to go rawang to eat the indian foods. see got time or not lah, like time not enough to use like that, haih...

Tiffany said...

it's okay lah.. should have next time i think.

just let me know, so i can make myself available to join you