Thursday, July 31, 2008

VBCM Treasure Hunt 26-27 July 2008

This is another hunt that we do not go for breafing (maybe we are trying to be hero.. hehe)

We supposed to hunt in 4 people in a car but my sis in law cannot make it coz tak cukup annual leave liao..

Don't know why, now days we cannot click to the question to get those answer. When we can't get the answer, semangat berkobar-kobar hilang ... and so we try whatever we can lah..

The hunt is from KL (starting point from Wisma MCA) and end up in Ipoh. The route was passing by the kampung area and a long the way, we saw a lot stalls selling durian, rambutan and mangostine. My hubby wanted to stop and buy rambutan gading but was disagreed by my bro because we are running out of time.. well, Seng Fook stopped at one old aunty stall to buy rambutan (because we thought that would be the last stall) and get the last bunch. The old aunty tell him this is not from her trees, people tumpang her place to sell. She said her rambutan will be nicer. She keep asking us to buy her durian and said she sell very cheap. We memang wanted to buy but really running out of time liao, so I said we will be back tomorrow.

Then we continue our treasure hunting until Ipoh lah.. submitted the answer sheet and check in to hotel. Answer is given during dinner. Knowing that we will not win so we don't pay attention when announce the winner. Suddenly our team name was call!! HUH .. we still can get no 14 and won 2 sleeping bag and 50 Jusco voucher.. haha

Seng Fook was not around and he don't know we won something. When he get back, the 2 sleeping bags was on his seat, so he asked "whose one?" I pretend and point to opposite people. So he move the bags to another seat. The dinner end at about 10:30 pm and we all leave the ballroom. Suddenly Seng Fook gone missing and come back with a guy (whom was sitting on the same table with us) and tell him he forgot to take their prize. Then I said this is ours lah.. and appologize to the guys. Me and my bro Thomas burse out laughing when Seng Fook said the Indian must be cursing him for like trying to fool him ...

The next day, after breakfast we check out and heading home. We got back to the old aunty's stall and buy durian. Seeing there are not much durian left, so we tell aunty we take all lah (seeing she is so old liao still sitting there selling durian). We ask if we can eat there? She said ok and so happen that her husband came to send her lunch and he open the durian for us. Unfortunately, open 3 durian, 3 also busuk this because no pesticide on the durian. So she said she replace us with some mangoestine. So I said ok lah .. but then later she ask her husband to go in the orchard and replace 3 durians. I quickly ask Seng Fook to follow the uncle and he did.

While waiting for them to come back, we had some chatting with aunty. We get to know she have 7 children and all are very capable, 2 are doctor, 1 engineer and 1 architech.

Nice rambutan right. I curi my bro's photo.. hehe

Thomas ask the aunty if he can pluck some of the rambutan that has ripe on the trees, she has been very generous and said ok, go ahead. So there Thomas plucked some and come back. Woow, that was the nicest rambutan I have ever tasted. Really very juicy and fresh. We ask her when will the rambutan ripe? She said about 8 - 10 days more. I was thinking want to go back there to buy rambutan. Well, cannot lah .. coz got other plan liao.

I am going to Raub tomorrow after work for durian again. This is organise by my sis in law - Joanne, to her friend's orchard.

Ciao for now.. shall come back with another story from Raub.

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