Monday, July 28, 2008

THE X FILES - I Want To Believe (It's Hard to Believe)

It took days for me to think how and what should I post for this MOCHA session.
Whatever my post is; first of all, I must thank my brother (whom had added me in the MOCHA session) and Tammy (the organizer, whom has been so generous to give us ticket). Also must thank Hurley (the one that been so nice to get us mixed around); the photographer Joyce (not girl) & Ewin (both are just like me, not very much talking), IcedNyior (a hi and bye cutiepie) and the rest that I totally cannot recall their names (remember only the long hair gorgeous and other 2 guys). It was my great pleasure to met you all.

The X Files - I Want To Believe
Now time to review my thought for the movie. Well, forgive me to say that it was actually boring.... sighs. It always gave me a big question mark. Maybe because I am not a big time fan and also more or less I'm not those artistic kind of people so I dont't find its beauty.
Why they want to transplant the arm when they have decided to transplant the head to another body? I also don't understand why they want to transplant it to a lady body since they can actually take in a guy's body?
I don't believe it and very much hated it; that they always come to the rescue right on time...
And what happen to the cutted out head? Fixed it back to the body?
What happened to Scully's patient, the boy?
Does it mean there will be another continue movie? hmmm.....


Thomas Mok said...

nicely commented. i didn't even go into such details. bravo and keep it up. have more faith in yourself and your blog is coming in nicely. i will get you to join miu and hurley more, they are all pro-blogger, hehehe.

Tiffany said...

'Paiseh' I cincai write only lah.. have been thinking for days you know :p

Miu said...

like your review girl! how come bro not same like sister wan?


x-file really a big let down, too bad they were once a popular tv series..

Thomas Mok said...

miu - since when do brother and sister must think alike?

i am not a detail person lah, i am more go go go person. :P