Saturday, July 5, 2008

HS Code Course 5th July 2008

At 7.45am, Joanne knocked on my room's door to wake me up for breakfast with Officer Lim, Office Yu and other SFFLA members at "Big Tree". I am ready at 8.00am (which we supposed to be there at 8.00am) hehe..

And when we reach there, Officer Yu, Mr Teh WK and Vivian is already there.

So, Mr Teh ordered claypot BKT for 3, 1 steamed fish, 1 steamed "Tau Fu" and 1 "Yau Mark" vegetable. Few minutes later, comes Mr & Mrs Ang SH and followed by Officer Lim. We finished at about 8.45am and Officer Lim have to leave for Seminar at SFFLA offce at which will start at 9.00am.

Our company has sent 2 staffs to this seminar to understand how to find the correct code for cargo. I also sneak in there to catch up a little bit. Its kind of bored there! There only thing I can recall was when Officer Lim mentioned about the HS Code for Sea Bass fish and showed the picture that creature, he said he don't understand why this "ugly fish" is protected at USA?
To him, we should protect this species of fish which only left 1 in Malaysia (click to see)

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