Friday, July 4, 2008

Cooking in Lim Phang Boo Forwarding

Remember sometimes ago, when my son is about 7 months old, when he started to have his solid food (porriage) while chatting in the office during our free time. Ms Peggy mentioned, baby food is very nice to eat, can we cook in the office?

Well, I also is porriage lover so I agreed to her suggestion, and the very next day, Peggy brought her slow cooker and some rice to cook for lunch. We cook it for about a week and start to get bored with the same food. We stop totally when no one want to cook anymore and the slow cooker was there untouched.

Somewhere last week, he said want to cook some "tong shui" (sort of sweet desert) like green beans soup or red bean soup or even barley soup in the office. So Small Lim bring his rice cooker to the office and the first 'tong shui' we cook was green bean soup. It turned out very nice and we continue for the next day. So save some money, we have change from 'tong shui' to porriage. hehe...

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Thomas Mok said...

you all can cook lo han kuo also, simple easy and good for health.

and also seafood porridge like last time when we stayed in the flat.