Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Briefing (NPC-Celcom Treasure Hunt)

Have contacted bro to confirm who is going for the briefing. Initially he is not free and its fine for me coz I'll be in KL. Things changes without any warning when he received call from Tammy (or is it not call, me not sure) that there are free tix for DREAMZ to be won and collect at The Star, so he called up Micheal and gets 4 tickets. He also inform me to call the same person, and .. walla.. I am also entitle for 4 tickets. Thanks to Thomas and Tammy. So what happened then? Because we need to collect tickets on that day so Thomas decided to go with me in one car and after collection, me just drop him in any KTM. It was rainy day that day, so his initial plan changed again! I suppose to drop him in KTM but we ended up makan at Subway in Mont Kiara. Makan punya makan, time's flew. So tak jadi baliklah my bro .. haha. He has to company me to my customer place and then go for briefing at Menara Celcom.

I think this is the first briefing ever that we be there the earliest. We reach Menara Celcom at about 4:50pm. The briefing time is 6:00pm. They haven't even set-up their goodies bags! This is my initial plan, (when Thomas said he will not join me in the briefing) if I reach Menara Celcom too early, I will be going to the National Libery to pass time. That is what we did on that day. I park my car at Menara Celcom and walk maybe about 200m to National Libery. National Libery open until 7:00pm every day except Sunday.

It's kind of quiet (I mean it should be that way lah) not refering to any noice, but refer to the public user. There were hardly 30 users in total! Mostly Malay student. I took one book malay story book but its like cannot digest the content!! We spent time in the library until time to go back to the briefing. Then we walk back lor.


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