Friday, August 8, 2008

Briefing for the Lexis Nexis KL Bar Treasure Hunt

Its a rainy day. Reminder from my handphone - Lexis Nexis Briefing @ 6.00pm. So I called Bro Thomas to remind him too. Yup, he remember so Bro Thomas fetched me at about 5.30pm and head toward KL for briefing. Our initial planned is to fetch Hurley go together in one but forecasting that it might be jam so Thomas change planned to go there by taking LRT instead.

This is the first time I took LRT from Kelana Station. Get very excited (just like small kids get to ride LRT ..hehe)

Look at Hurley, he is paying a 100% attention!

By the time we reached Masjid Jamek, it about 6:55pm. We walk up and down searching for Wisma Kraftangan (where the briefing held). Sekali it is just around the corner down the road only. Haven't start hunting sudah sesat! Apa ni? We quickly rush in.. by the time we there, the briefing just over. Alamak!! But luckily, the COC is still there. Dont know how and what Bro Thomas told Mr Dominic (maybe he told him we have a firstimer and need his explanation), so he has gave Hurley a quick briefing on how the answer the treasure hunt question.
After the briefing, we go Burget King for dinner lah.. and continued Bro Thomas try to explain how it work with his own sample question and explanation. Bravo.. Hope Hurley understand.
We left BK and back to Masjid Jamek station heading back. In the LRT, duhh... y head spinning coz got a group of Indian guy keep talking from they entered until they go out. Goshh.. thank god takda terbau bau ketiak (lucky me got some blocked nose) . Send Hurley home...
All the best and good luck on the Hunting day 9 August 2008


Miu said...

fuiyoh...semangat betul korang ni?

and what never take lrt before?

orang kaya la..korang dua biji ni!!

btw..nice report on this! i like the pics :D

Tiffany said...

'mountain turtle' mah.. malaysian's lrt tak pernah naik!!
Yang semangat tu Hurley.. hehe