Saturday, August 16, 2008

The BEST Persons in the World - OUR PARENTS

Read story of mom from bro's blog. Very touching. Before my memories fade away, I also want to share mine.
Bro mentioned mom love us all and i agreed more than 100%. I still remembered when bro and mom was all wet when they're home. Then only i realise that they have fell off from the motorbike somewhere at Sungai Petai at a very sharp cornering. And thank god they dont have serious injuries.
I remember mom and told me about how i have survive from a very critical sickness. You will not believe it. Well when god want you to survive you could but first of all i must thank my mom and dad for not giving up.
Here is the story: When I was very young, probably about one year old plus, i was attack by some kind of disease call 'Measles'. My neighbour "we call her Lim cim" told my parent that i am too heaty inside and suggest them to feed me 珍珠粉 pearl power mixed with warm water. So my dad quickly go and get from chinese herbs shop and bring back home for me without any delay. After intake this pearl water, I have stop crying, this is not a good sign! My lips turning purple and i become stiff and cold. My sickness become very serius and has frighten my parents to death. My parents getting nervous and stunt! They hold me very tight, rubbed and hugged me on crying/tears day and night. Desperately on the next day, dad has went to a temple praying for "Kwan Yin Pu Sha" to rescue me and "Pu Sha" really hear him and has sent him a "Sien Se" (chinese doctor -my first 'kui ren') which was there to pray and he has overhead dad's prayers. He aproached dad and ask what happened, after know who he was, dad told him the whole story of me and how i become stiffs.
The "Sien Se" said they had put me in danger. No doubt i am very heaty but to intake pearl was a big mistake. Pearl 'chiong' and make everything reverse. He quickly write a medicine recipe and tell my dad to give me immediate. Sien Se also said, boil a pot of barley, leave to cool and standby. If she cry after taking my medicine, mean she will survive and will ask for water. Give her the barley drinks instead. If she doesn't re-act, please get yourself prepare and the sien se left.
Another problem arise! :( We are poor and has no money to buy the herbs as earlier dad has record once owe. Maybe I am also faith to survive, my 2nd "kui ren" - "ta ma" happened to pass by and saw my dad and ask him why he look so sorrow. Dad said : "Bok Shiew oh nai jin kau lang liao, wua u yuk lua na ti bo chee kiok yuk!" it mean Bok Shiew, that's me, is in criticle sickness, i have herbs medicine recipe but no money to buy. Being very generous, my 'Ta Ma' have gave my dad 10 bucks to buy the medicine and off she go.
Words that the Sien Se said to my dad was happened to me! I can and begin to cry!! And has ask for 'kut kut'- water! It's just like miricle! I've got hope!!!!
After that incident, my parent always remind me, do not take any Pearl no matter how good the Pearld is when people tell you. And it is a prohibition for me to eat Pearl!
I must thank my mom and dad for not giving up me, many thanks to Kwan Yin Pu Sa and my two Kui Rens.
Dont know whether is the side effect, after many many years intake the medicine, my body expending! haha....
I know I cannot eat Pearl but I still buy it. Want to know why? Hmmmm... It's because I want to revenge and to punish those Pearls to become my slave of jewelleries .. muhaha


Thomas Mok said...

sometimes, when we think back, we really can't imagine how we have gone through life. mom was strong and a pillar of strength, had she received education when young, we all could probably be millionaire's children instead, hahaha. anyway, thank God that we have our Mother when we needed her, though I would have loved to have her a few more years so she can enjoy the fruit of her labour....Tears come to my eyes just thinking how much I missed her. You were very lucky that Ta Mas was kind too and gave Dad the money when it was the most crucial moments. That's why Mom always reminded us to respect Ta Ma.

Hurley said...

what a history. if there's a god up there, he just loves playing games with us.

Tiffany said...

Life is full of test, full of patient, it is just how we take it and go thru it.
Yeah, we were bless to have a pillar strong's mother. I missed her big time too..
I will never forget them