Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LexisNexis Motoring Hunt cum Durian Trip 9 Aug 2008

Last Saturday is another hunt. This is day hunt. Starting from Taman Regalia Subang Mewah and end up in Awana Genting.
Me and hubby suppose to fetch Thomas and Hurley (oh ya.. Hurley is our new member) but then because of we overslept so Thomas has to drive up all the way to fetch Hurley and meet up in Subang.
I was in the rush that Saturday morning (padan muka lah, siapa suruh bangun lewat!) until I didnt realise that I have left my back pack at home. geeeshhhh...
The hunt question wasn't as hard but somehow we are very careless. Lucky enough we had Hurley that have been paying 100% attention and had contribute a lot in the game. Hope he did enjoyed the game.
Although we are not at the top ranking but at least we won something in return :0)
After the prize presentation, we are hunting for durian. Firstly we head to Batang Kali, unfortunately it has come to the end of season. So we make a U-turn to Bentong for durian. I was like dont find durian cannot go home...!! I think Hurley must be cursing inside (you know lah, he has been struggling since morning.. keke)
Finally we found a stall and stop to ask the price and then makan there. We make a phone call to our friend stay in Raub with the intension if they have durian, we will go there to 'Sapu' durian. Thomas and Hurley didn't know about it. It's lucky for them lah, our friend's durian all sold out liao..
We even decided to overnight at Raub just because we want to be the early bird for the durian the next day... We must have been frighten Hurley... muhaha
After makan durian and 'tapau' some, we head back home ;-)


Thomas Mok said...

i know ler when seng fook called. he also informed that durian finished liao what. may be can go this weekend? let me know, we can ajak the rest of the blogger go, including ewin and joyce who can take some artistic photos, hehehe.

Tiffany said...

let me check with Seng Fook and Jo's friend if there still hv durian.. should be very fun

Miu said...

i kenot eat durian anymore

after the rm10 durian buffet.. i already phobia liao