Thursday, August 7, 2008

MOCHA - Shaolin Girl

Review time. As usual lah, I think Tiffany will be the last person to post her review.. hehe
Again must thank the organizer +sizemiaomiao for the invitation for both me and hubby. Thank bro Thomas and sis in-law for the ride to TGV 1 Utama. Glad to see Hurley again and hi to Tammy's boy-boy.
We were a bit late to enter the hall coz we were chatting in front of the cinema and suddenly realize that it is time to go in. Guess what?! When we go in, our seats were taken by a group of young chicks. At first i thought maybe i was in the wrong row but when i check again my ticket i am pretty sure that our seat was taken! i am cursing inside "kanasai" how can they anyhow sit! I told hubby they took our sit in cantonese. Then I heard them said, its free sitting. Hurley was saying what the hack is the number sitting for if it is free sitting?!! Hubby still sit at that row (there is one space left just right in the middle, good spot though) So, me and Hurley have no choice lor, mah go to the front sitting mendongakkan kepala and watch the movie lah.
Syiok-syiok watching the show halfway, suddenly came Hurley sitting beside me and said "I received sms, we are in the wrong hall, i am leaving now to that hall," and shhhoooopppp there he's gone!
First thing cross my mind was alamak, malunya, luckily didnt argue and insist to get the seat with those chicks!! So, I quickly sms to hubby and bro that we are at the wrong hall! Why these people didnt see my sms or what!? How come never get up one?? So, I went out to wait for them lah.. came bro and sis-in-law and they proceed to the next hall with a meaningful smile .. i am still waiting for hubby out there but he didnt come out. So I mah call him lah, he said nevermind lah, he stay in there continue, hmmm... maklumlah, he has got the nice view and was surrounded by those young chicks mah.. so i mah go to the next hall lor.. aikkk.. so much different wohh.. so little people onne...
To the movie.. Hmmm.. speak different Mandarin accent. Then speak Japanese.. oh no, its Japanese movie! so have to read the subtitle to understand what they were talking. Being very greedy, I read all three languages subtitle (trying to value which one translate better) padan muka lah, tak sempat see the acting. After that I dont want to read liao lah.. just see acting only. The Japanese dolls are pretty. Somehow, i got the feeling the producer seems like copying a bit of Jacky chan's way (one man show) and matrix (when suddenly Rin Sakura can zuuup up missing in the air and came back upside down holding her opponent head) Can lah, although I dont like the ending when they were fighting to death, splash out to sky gathering maximum inner power and attack!! Suddenly Rin Sakura hugged him and with mother's love to fight the Dark power. huh... apa ini? Okay lah, at least some part of it made you smile or even chuckle.
"mou lei tau" movie is like that one lah..
I got out from the hall without waiting for the song to finish. Thought there will be yumcha session after the movice. Hurley came out and tell me to inform bro and the rest that he is in the hurry to meet his friend and shhhooooppp there he go again. While waiting for hubby from the previous hall came bro said Tammy and boy-boy leave first, coz her boy-boy is in the rush coz not used to public ones.


Thomas Mok said...

shhoooopp like matrix neo. that's hurley...

Tiffany said...

haha.. maybe because of Rin Sakura lah ..