Monday, December 29, 2008


just came back from this holiday, we went to Andrew's friend's house in janda baik bukit tinggi. Its a very nice place to stay, nice fresh cooling air and weather. We had black sauce pork, curry chicken to go with white fragrant rice and bread. Dinner we had BBQ of chicken, sausage, vegetable, potatoes and charcoal toasted bread. Our main BBQ chef is Alex and helper is Seng Fook. Vegetable was cooked by Shireen. The BBQ fire was set by Andrew. 2nd day we had 'kon lou wan tarn mee', lunch we had 'mee shua' and dinner we had mixed rice and 2nd sound of BBQ. Later we had some liquor and chit-chat until midnight. Today our breakfast we had 'ba kua' chicken floss with bread. Late lunch at Restaurant 126. After lunch we went straight home and reach home about 5.30 pm. Photo here

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