Monday, May 19, 2008

Memories in Klang Securities Sdn Bhd - Share Market VS Wet Market

Remember when I first came to Port Klang with my mom to visit my brother was not long after taken my SPM result. Me and my mom stayed with my brother in his office (which the management allow him to stay). Every day I must stay in the room because Port Klang is a stranger place to me. We only went out on weekend or when my brother is free or after work.

Few days later, my brother asked me if I want to work in a securities firm? I said ok can try, since I am not further studying. This job was recommended by his friend's friend Ms Catherine (secretary for one of the Director Mr Lee Tuck Suan). I went for the interview on 6th May 1993 which I don't have any idea what it would look like.

I opened the door and I can't get in! What happened here? So I go to a guard and ask him where should I go for interview? Luckily he is being helpful and told me to take the side steps to 1st floor. There I met Ms Lay See and she ask me to wait for Mr Micheal Liao. I waited and waited but this person still haven't call me yet. So I ask Lay See if she can inform again. To my surprised, Mr Micheal Liao doesn't want to interview me and redirect me to seek for Mr Lee Chee Kai at 2nd floor. I've no choice, so I went on. There, I first met Ms Catherine (whom is my bro's friend's friend). The interview went on smoothly, although I dont have any working experience or other skills and worst no fluent english language but lucky enough I was accepted to join them. Mr Lee wanted me to start working the very next day (which I remember is Wesak holiday) and I asked "Tomorrow is not holiday?" He look at the calender and said "You come day after tomorrow" and he continue after a short thought and said : "You can start your work on Monday."

I am so happy coz 1. I was employed and 2 because I dont have to start working on Saturday.

Monday, I reported my first day of duty to Mr Micheal Liao. He has gave me a bad impression with another surprised that he use a lot of vulgar words and also because this is the man that I still remember he doesn't want to interview me. After some time I worked under him, slowly get to know him, I found that he, Mr Micheal Liao actually is a very nice guy (not to mentioned he used to the 4 letters word lah .. ) he is somehow caring and is a good manager.

My first job was sign with Klang Securities Sdn Bhd and was located right in front of a wet market. It looks like "Share market versus WET MARKET".. haha

There has got a lot nice senior colleagues like Ms Evelyn Cheng, Ms Angie Lau, Mr Azhar, Ms Kam Yuen Yuen, Mr Faizal, Ms Anjoe Yap Boon Geok, Kak Noor and Siti, Ms Lim (we call her Pei Ling - from account dept) and my manager is Mr Micheal Liao (the one don't want to interview me .. grrr) Mr Dennis Kow, Mr Adrian Lim & Ms Chong Mong Shan.

There are also new colleagues like Mr Loh, Ms Vivian, Ms Wendy, Ms Dolly, Ms Irene, Ms Azizah, Mr Kong and few more.. (sorry if I have missed our your name there, can not recall all)

There are too much to write from this company which has actually give me a lot of sweet memories .. should write it one by one when I recall!
Here are some of my ex-colleague's photo, anyone you know? ;)

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Thomas Mok said...

hehehe, remember last time there was a grandy's shop that we spend hours there to drink their free flow water, until they bankrupt....not because we drink only, all also same. but miss their nice porridge.