Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How I Get Started

I've heard people talking about blogging and was wondering what was that all about? So, I went on goole to check what is BLOG. Well, the result was initially I thought what it was... until that day when my own brother sent me an email asking me to comment on his blog! I was so curious that my brother also create a blog!?! Hmmm... to satisfied my curiousity, I click on his blog site"Wahh... why so many writing in your blog?" I asked. "That's why is call BLOG!" he answered. "So how is it? Read and comment ok?" he added. "Later lah, when I free at home." I answered.Yesterday, I seach his site again and click on some of the link and view some of his photo and diary, my heard was saying, this is so nice and a brilliant idea to keep memories. Today, I ask my brother how to create my own blog and will start keep things and memories in it. Thank you my beloved brother.. hugs & kisses.

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